Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2018 MEA Weekday Workshops


I didn't think it was possible to study lions for this length of time but we did and we enjoyed every bit.  Based on a variety of children's books, our yoga class on Thursday, lions that were on exhibit at Mia, and Halloween being just around the corner, we set out, ready to roar.

Our lion masks created a classroom full of smiles (before roars)

Take a peek into our morning work cycle here:

In our yoga class with Marnie Bounds we practiced a lot roaring (and prowling).

Practicing simhasana, or lion's breath, is believed to dispel negative energy and release energetic blockages, leaving one feeling free, courageous and energized.

To view a video slideshow of our yoga class with Marnie, see this:

At Mia, we visited 8th century China.

Pair of Guardian Lions, 8th century, China
Chinese artisans adopted the Indian practice of using the lion to symbolize the Buddha Sakyamuni.
In this context lions were considered protectors of Buddha's sacred laws and were often seen at entrances to cave temples.

students' sketchbook pages

lion hanging tiles

lion paintings that roar (or yawn or meow)

With so many galleries being under construction or roped off, 
it was young artists' choice on Friday.

top left and clockwise: Henri Matisse, The Tale of Genji (Japanese comic books),
portraits (Kunin collection,1700s period room, Paris)

Hear some student inspired tales of what makes their lions roar:

How to Be a Lion, written and illustrated by Ed Vere (emphasis on the importance of staying true to yourself in the midst of possibly being different)

Lions (National Geographic) by Laura Marsh
See a quick video of a student reading an excerpt from this book here:

The Lion and the Bird written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc (sustainable friendship amidst the seasons of life)

A project from the Minnesota Humanities Center, the book, The Lion's Share, a Somalian folktale retold by Said Salah Ahmed (educator, poet, playwright and filmmaker) was an introduction to the Somalian language (this book is bilingual), tells the tale of a greedy lion and is a natural catalyst for a geography lesson all in one full swoop.

Mouse and Lion, retold by Rand Burkert and illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert

Old Lion and Little Rabbit written and illustrated by Keiko Kaichi

November classes and workshops can be viewed HERE

December classes and workshops (included the ever popular Glam Doll Donuts field trip) can be viewed HERE

Weekday Workshops for January 2 - 4 will be posted soon!

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