Wednesday, September 19, 2018

November classes + workshops


Thursday+Friday, November 1+2, 8:30 - 1, $65/day
art making+museum visit
please pack a mid-morning snack and sack lunch

choose your days:

weekEND classes
Evening Star IV, Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, November 11, 1:30 - 4:30, $55 
Georgia O'Keeffe artist study and her particular series on the Evening Star


art making+museum visit
please pack a mid-morning snack and sack lunch
Friday, November 16, 8:30 - 1, $65
Wednesday, November 21, 8:30 - 1, $65

choose your days

Monday, September 17, 2018

2nd Annual Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Workshop

It was another fantastic workshop at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden !
With the sweltering September temperatures we had this weekend, we were fortunate enough to have shade, cool grass and a consistent breeze.

The pieces mentioned below were a part of our sketchbook tour.

Octopus // Alexander Calder

Calder was known for his playful works of form and color.
When creating sculptures he created both stationary and mobile (moving shapes).

Seat-Leg Table // Scott Burton
Burton is known for sculptures that also serve function.

Liz Larner // X

Martin Puryear // Gog + Magog
granite (from Cold Spring, MN) columns 
originally designed as the gateway to the park in 1988

Back of Snowman // Gary Hume

Empire // Eva Rothschild
Rothschild is known to create sculptures that explore the idea of both delicacy and strength.

Amaryllis // Tony Smith (not pictured) 

Double Curve // Ellsworth Kelly
Kelly focuses on single color and basic form. 
Not only is the sculpture important but the negative space each piece creates.

Untitled // Jim Hodges
The artist, Hodges, chose these specific boulders from many, 
each one weighing eight to thirteen tons 

The Spinner // Alexander Calder
The second piece of Calder's to be a part of this sculpture garden.
This piece being an example of his mobile works.

Deborah Butterfield // Woodrow (horse)

Woodrow was Butterfield's first outdoor sculpture.

Black Vessel for a Saint // Theaster Gates

The patron saint of libraries is found inside.  This piece was salvaged from an old church in the artist's home of Chicago.

By the way, I really enjoy following Theaster Gates here:

Windchime (after "dream") // Pierre Huyghe

For Whom // Kris Martin

Hahn/Cock // Katharina Fritsch
Animals (of bold color and scale) are a common subject for this artist.

LOVE // Robert Indiana

Spoonbridge and Cherry // Claes Oldenburg and (his wife) Cooje Van Bruggen

Sky Pecsher // James Turrel

We saved James Turrel for the FINALE.  When sitting within the structure of this piece, we didn't talk at all.  We sat in silence.  Some of the children continued to work in their sketchbooks.
When we exited the ramp, several children exclaimed simultaneously, "Wasn't THAT fun?!!"
I wish I had THAT on video...

Speaking of video, view a video slideshow of our time together here:

View the written tour of last year's (you may find 
a more detailed description for some of the works above)
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Workshop here:

For October classes and workshops, view this link:

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

seeking creative 4 and 5 year olds

My students are growing up!  I have felt so grateful to be able to work consistently with these students for over four years and I will continue to work with them for as long as they feel engaged and challenged.  And the time has also come to seek younger students in order to create the classroom balance that I believe makes my curriculum thrive.

My curriculum is less about teaching an art making technique (although this is interwoven throughout) and more about fostering personal and creative expression.

Having a strong history as a Montessori classroom teacher and still believing passionately in this method, most of my classes incorporate reading, writing, math and geography lessons.  An opportunity to reference music or learn a new song isn't that unusual either.  The creative work cycles (a minimum of three hours) offer time for observation, experimentation and problem solving.

With art making taking such a front and center role in my life (I am a professional artist as well), some may be surprised to learn that I could fill all of my remaining time with my love for books!  Many of my classes and curriculum are based on what I consider to be invaluable children's books.

Two Old Potatoes and Me by John Coy

please contact Kari at:

For October 2018 classes visit THIS LINK

view a wide variety of photos via the classroom's instagram account

or view posts on our facebook page

Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Break ART Camp

Despite the heavy snowfall, we dried out and warmed up with a southwestern art curriculum this past week for Spring Break ART Camp.

On Tuesday, we learned to identify cumulus, cirrus and stratus clouds, practiced painting cumulus clouds of our own and created our own hanging cloud sculptures.

On our museum visit on Wednesday, we identified cloud types in many landscape and seascape paintings on our way to view Cloud World by Maynard Dixon as well as other southwestern landscapes.

We painted our own southwestern landscapes using acrylic and watercolor.

On Thursday, our subject was the Saguaro cactus tree.  We incorporated this subject into a landscape which we embroidered.

The snow was fun too!

There are two classes on Sunday afternoons in April that still have seats!
Yellow Umbrella, Sunday, April 15, 2:30 - 5:30
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Sunday, April 22, 2:30 - 5:30
See THIS LINK and scroll down for more information.

Watch for SUMMER CAMP paperwork to be sent out this coming Friday, April 13.
Camp paperwork and deposits are due April 27.

I have room for one more pair during the Mother's Day workshop during the 10:30 and 2:15 time slots.

For those of you who missed Summer Camp enrollment this year,
consider the Learning to Bee workshop on Wednesday, June 13.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018 Summer ART Camps

Summer Camp Session 1: 
MY VIEW MATTERS (photography inspired)
June 18 - 22
Referencing each student's personal photographs, we will create drawings, paintings, collage and mixed media pieces.  At the Museum Institute of Art (Mia), we will study Minnesota photographer, Alex Soth and Minnesota artist, Frank Big Bear.
Please note that a prerequisite class is scheduled for Sunday, June 3.  If your child cannot attend June 3, I am happy to send a photo checklist so that your child can attend Session 1.

Sunday, June 3, 2:30 - 5  (prerequisite class to Session 1 camp)

A lesson on some photography basics: depth of field, light and the rule of thirds.
A walking field trip throughout the classroom's surrounding neighborhood (Whittier in Minneapolis) taking 27 photos while using a disposable camera (provided). This class also includes snack and photo development. $30 for students enrolled in Session 1

classroom work

Summer Camp Session 2:
CLAY CAMP (air dry)
July 16 - 20
Explore and learn to manipulate five different types of air dry clay while creating a hanging mobile, a small insect, a colorful rock stack sculpture (inspired by Rondinone's installation, Seven Magic Mountains), a hanging tile and more.  In addition to visiting all the small ceramic animal forms that are always so popular at Mia, we will be studying Ruth Duckworth's ceramic mural and the small housing models from Vietnam.

museum visits

Summer Camp Session 3:
July 30 - August 3
Create an assemblage piece with found and natural objects, arrange a nail pattern on wood block, participate in a cooperative building project: a small city of cardboard buildings. Build a simple house structure with paper and popsicle sticks.   Our visits to Mia will involve studying Minnesota artist, George Morrison and the Japanese Tea House

outdoor play

Summer Camp Session 4:
August 20 - 24
Based on the book, Wishtree, written by Katherine Applegate and published in September of 2017, this chapter book is the perfect combination of good humor (guaranteed laugh out loud moments) as well as an introduction of new vocabulary and important facts.  Wishtree discusses the value and complications of relationships, exclusion and how the power of history and storytelling can heal.  This book is warm and fuzzy without denying the realities of real life struggle while simultaneously sharing proverbs for living.

We will begin reading every morning at 8:45 am.  The content (an average of five, short chapters a day) will determine our drawings or paintings created to correspond with each day.  Our Mia visits will consist of everything from the Money Tree (first century China) to Van Gogh's Olive Trees.

The fine print: There is one word that is used twice in this book that I have strong feelings about.  This word is "mailman".  I will not alter the text when reading, however, I will stop and explain that I think the author/editor should have chosen the words "mail carrier" instead.

Summer Camps are Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 1

children ages 4 - 10+ years

we visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with sketchbooks (provided) 
on two different days during each session

Please pack a mid morning snack and a sack lunch

each session has a 10 student limit

each camp session: $250 

To inquire or reserve your child's seat, 
please email Kari at

A reservation for summer ART camp sessions are made on good faith
Camp paperwork and non-refundable deposits ($125 towards camp tuition)
 will be due April 27, 2018

To view videos from 2017 Summer ART Camps, see THIS LINK

To follow us on facebook, see The Create Everyday Classroom

Find us  @thecreateeverydayclassroom on instagram

For SPRING weekend classes view THIS LINK

Click HERE for SUMMER workshops 

Measuring a successful summer camp.  My checklist.

Monday, March 19, 2018

cityscapes // the minneapolis skyline

a perfect view of the Minneapolis skyline on the third floor of Mia

When we could clearly view the Minneapolis skyline at Mia, we discussed a variety of ways to approaching our sketching.  It was amazing to me that each student had a clear picture of how they were going to proceed after this discussion (see image below).  Not pictured was a student who used one page to represent each of the most dominant buildings.

sketches completed at Mia

After a meandering walk back to the classroom and removing our wet shoes and boots (more about this later), we spent time looking at different variations of artists' cityscapes.  Students chose the style that spoke to them the most.

With our sketches from Mia and, while keeping our preference style in mind, students began sketching their skylines on canvas with soft pastels.

sketching on canvas

We painted in three different stages, waiting for each section to dry, taking breaks in between with the other materials available in the classroom.  During our mid-class snack break, we read the book This is New York written and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek.

I love the individuality expressed in all of these pieces.

Thank you, Parents, for dropping your children directly at Mia for the start of class.  Eliminating our walk there freed up some extra time for our walk back.  The irresistible "snow mountain" on the MCAD campus.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

art classes for children

nurturing the spirit of the child through creativity

adrian meg photography

an open-ended, engaging, intuitive art making experience
 for children ages 4 -10+ years

josh kohanek photography

I offer a unique art making experience where the focus is placed on the process of art making and the exploration of materials. My students experience a limitless opportunity for intuitive and spontaneous self expression.

Art classes are unlimited regarding subject or topic of study.  
Class sizes are small and intimate.  
Students have the opportunity and freedom 
to work with and explore materials.

interested in a Create Everyday birthday party?  click here

for further questions or to register:

Kari is a practicing, professional visual artist as well as a creativity coach and consultant.  She was a Montessori Children's House educator for over thirteen years.  Encouraging and supporting the creative process for people of all ages is one of her absolute favorite things.    

For more information visit

view 200+ photographs of the children's work here

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