birthday parties

In honor of your child's birth, I offer a nurturing environment, 
full of creativity, 
exploration and celebration.

These parties are 2 hours in length and are designed for children ages 3-8 years

While incorporating your child's choice of curriculum, 
each participant will paint their own party hat and create their own finished piece.

We practice the birthday ritual I had as a classroom Montessori teacher.  
We read the book, On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier.
At the end of the story, we whisper, "We're so glad you were born."
Each child makes a wish for the person of honor and strings a bead on a necklace for him or her.

Contact me to schedule this memorable event

my classroom is located at

The Create Everyday Classroom
2605 2nd Ave South, studio 8

Arrangements can also be made for me to bring the birthday party to you.

the cost is $250 for 8 participants and $15 for each additional participant

the hand painted party hats may be the best part....

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  1. Wow, the birthday parties are adorable. Thanks for the photos. My kid is also entering in teen-hood soon so I would love to host a fun party for him at the local event venue Atlanta. I have already created a list of the most appropriate venues. Once the venue is decided I’ll think about the theme.