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Offer Art Enrichment Electives at your School

Bring The Create Everyday Classroom to your after school program or summer program.
With over thirteen years of experience as a Children's House Guide, I offer a diverse curriculum that naturally incorporates much of the Montessori philosophy and methods. Your school provides the physical space and I bring my classroom to you. Classes are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length.  Each class has a maximum of eight participants (a minimum of 24 students participating per day is required).  I visit schools on an afternoon, weekly basis or as a full day, weekly summer camp option that comes to you. Contact me to find out more about this program.



Incorporating Creative Extensions 
into the Sensorial Area of Your Classroom

This workshop is designed for those interested in further developing the Sensorial area of their classroom.  If some of your children have mastered the formal presentations of these materials, this is a way to keep these beautiful materials in use while, simultaneously, being assured that each child is developing a deeper understanding of the direct and indirect aims.

In my workshops, participants actually create these extensions while becoming less intimidated. More importantly, participants learn and understand through hands on experience the value that these extensions offer.

Creativity is limitless.  With this workshop, you'll be able to embrace this idea in your classroom while maintaining the integrity and respect with which these materials were designed.

You can determine the length of this workshop (ideas are limitless) however, I ask for a two hour minimum.  Please contact me for more information or to schedule.

Materials used: Pink Tower, Geometric Solids, Color Boxes, Geometric and Botany Cabinets, Constructive Triangle Boxes (just to name a few)

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