Monday, March 19, 2018

cityscapes // the minneapolis skyline

a perfect view of the Minneapolis skyline on the third floor of Mia

When we could clearly view the Minneapolis skyline at Mia, we discussed a variety of ways to approaching our sketching.  It was amazing to me that each student had a clear picture of how they were going to proceed after this discussion (see image below).  Not pictured was a student who used one page to represent each of the most dominant buildings.

sketches completed at Mia

After a meandering walk back to the classroom and removing our wet shoes and boots (more about this later), we spent time looking at different variations of artists' cityscapes.  Students chose the style that spoke to them the most.

With our sketches from Mia and, while keeping our preference style in mind, students began sketching their skylines on canvas with soft pastels.

sketching on canvas

We painted in three different stages, waiting for each section to dry, taking breaks in between with the other materials available in the classroom.  During our mid-class snack break, we read the book This is New York written and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek.

I love the individuality expressed in all of these pieces.

Thank you, Parents, for dropping your children directly at Mia for the start of class.  Eliminating our walk there freed up some extra time for our walk back.  The irresistible "snow mountain" on the MCAD campus.

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