Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018 Summer ART Camps

Summer Camp Session 1: 
MY VIEW MATTERS (photography inspired)
June 18 - 22
Referencing each student's personal photographs, we will create drawings, paintings, collage and mixed media pieces.  At the Museum Institute of Art (Mia), we will study Minnesota photographer, Alex Soth and Minnesota artist, Frank Big Bear.
Please note that a prerequisite class is scheduled for Sunday, June 3.  If your child cannot attend June 3, I am happy to send a photo checklist so that your child can attend Session 1.

Sunday, June 3, 2:30 - 5  (prerequisite class to Session 1 camp)

A lesson on some photography basics: depth of field, light and the rule of thirds.
A walking field trip throughout the classroom's surrounding neighborhood (Whittier in Minneapolis) taking 27 photos while using a disposable camera (provided). This class also includes snack and photo development. $30 for students enrolled in Session 1

classroom work

Summer Camp Session 2:
CLAY CAMP (air dry)
July 16 - 20
Explore and learn to manipulate five different types of air dry clay while creating a hanging mobile, a small insect, a colorful rock stack sculpture (inspired by Rondinone's installation, Seven Magic Mountains), a hanging tile and more.  In addition to visiting all the small ceramic animal forms that are always so popular at Mia, we will be studying Ruth Duckworth's ceramic mural and the small housing models from Vietnam.

museum visits

Summer Camp Session 3:
July 30 - August 3
Create an assemblage piece with found and natural objects, arrange a nail pattern on wood block, participate in a cooperative building project: a small city of cardboard buildings. Build a simple house structure with paper and popsicle sticks.   Our visits to Mia will involve studying Minnesota artist, George Morrison and the Japanese Tea House

outdoor play

Summer Camp Session 4:
August 20 - 24
Based on the book, Wishtree, written by Katherine Applegate and published in September of 2017, this chapter book is the perfect combination of good humor (guaranteed laugh out loud moments) as well as an introduction of new vocabulary and important facts.  Wishtree discusses the value and complications of relationships, exclusion and how the power of history and storytelling can heal.  This book is warm and fuzzy without denying the realities of real life struggle while simultaneously sharing proverbs for living.

We will begin reading every morning at 8:45 am.  The content (an average of five, short chapters a day) will determine our drawings or paintings created to correspond with each day.  Our Mia visits will consist of everything from the Money Tree (first century China) to Van Gogh's Olive Trees.

The fine print: There is one word that is used twice in this book that I have strong feelings about.  This word is "mailman".  I will not alter the text when reading, however, I will stop and explain that I think the author/editor should have chosen the words "mail carrier" instead.

Summer Camps are Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 1

children ages 4 - 10+ years

we visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with sketchbooks (provided) 
on two different days during each session

Please pack a mid morning snack and a sack lunch

each session has a 10 student limit

each camp session: $250 

To inquire or reserve your child's seat, 
please email Kari at createeverydayclassroom@gmail.com

A reservation for summer ART camp sessions are made on good faith
Camp paperwork and non-refundable deposits ($125 towards camp tuition)
 will be due April 27, 2018

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Measuring a successful summer camp.  My checklist.