Saturday, February 13, 2021

Spring Break 2021 ART workshops

Monday, April 5: Faith Ringgold artist study

India ink, watercolor + collage folding house


Tuesday, April 6 : little art book (book making)

An on-going, captivating project by artist, Robyn Wells (see @littleartbook)


Wednesday, April 7
: Emma Larsson artist study

Experimenting and playing with the wet on wet watercolor method


Thursday, April 8: Ellsworth Kelly artist study

Two giant paintings: positive and negative space


Friday, April 9: Museum Day 

walking field trip to Mia, sketchbooks, art making upon return



These Create Everyday Classroom Spring Break ART workshops are Monday through Friday, 9am - 1pm, with a four student capacity. Ages can range from 4  to 10+ years (depending on your child's comfort level working in the midst of younger students).  Because of small class sizes, variations on lessons are easily provided when taking into consideration age, interest, and skill.

Each workshop is $65 per student.  Seat reservations may be made via venmo at @Kari-Maxwell. Please specify dates in memo.  If you want to enroll for FOUR consecutive days (5 is not an option), the cost is $235

Students come prepared with their own mid morning snack, water bottle and lunch. Masks are required wearing inside the building + classroom.

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