COLLAGE CAMP: materials

BASE CAMP Materials

DAILY materials needed:

Yes, a glue stick works but I recommend liquid Elmer’s glue poured into a lid (from your recycling bin) while using a simple paint brush for application.  If you’d like to use Modge Podge, this works too!


3. At least two different MAGAZINES (one primarily picturing people, the other not)
Yes, printing any color copies off of your computer could be used as an alternative

4. PAPER SCRAPS from newspapers, junk mail, old photographs or books

ADDITIONAL materials needed (not every day):

1. TRACING PAPER ( 9x12 tablet)

2. STANDARD PAPER (at least 8.5x11) for mounting your completed projects
A 9x12 Canson XL mixed media tablet works well (or a packet of cardstock)

3. Multi-colored packet of CONSTRUCTION PAPER
This could take the place and meet the need of the above ("standard paper") too

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