Sunday, January 17, 2016

Summer ART Camps

MCAD sculpture garden, DAY 3

journal entry, DAY 4
clay finger pots, DAY 5

MIA visit, DAY 2

MCAD sculpture garden, DAY 3

yoga on the MCAD campus, DAY 1 + 3
abstract painting, DAY 2
MIA visit, DAY 4

Wayne Thiebaud study, DAY 4

MIA visit, DAY 2

journal prompt, "crown", DAY 5

lunch and balloons, DAY 2

color mixing, DAY 1

drawing warm up, DAY 3

materials used (in no particular order): graphite pencils, palette knives, gel medium, acrylic paints, watercolors, soft pastels, white charcoal, oil pastels, clay, foam and tiles (for mono printing)

vocabulary (in no particular order): cubism, picasso, symmetry, mixed media, abstract, chaos, blind contour, mark rothko, wayne thiebaud, three dimensional, primary colors, mono printing, image transfer

activities outside the classroom: balloon play, yoga on the MCAD campus, sketching at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, sketching at the MCAD sculpture garden, snack picnics, kick ball

the most revisited books of the week:

See THIS LINK for 2016 Summer ART Camp sessions

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