Monday, September 17, 2018

2nd Annual Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Workshop

It was another fantastic workshop at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden !
With the sweltering September temperatures we had this weekend, we were fortunate enough to have shade, cool grass and a consistent breeze.

The pieces mentioned below were a part of our sketchbook tour.

Octopus // Alexander Calder

Calder was known for his playful works of form and color.
When creating sculptures he created both stationary and mobile (moving shapes).

Seat-Leg Table // Scott Burton
Burton is known for sculptures that also serve function.

Liz Larner // X

Martin Puryear // Gog + Magog
granite (from Cold Spring, MN) columns 
originally designed as the gateway to the park in 1988

Back of Snowman // Gary Hume

Empire // Eva Rothschild
Rothschild is known to create sculptures that explore the idea of both delicacy and strength.

Amaryllis // Tony Smith (not pictured) 

Double Curve // Ellsworth Kelly
Kelly focuses on single color and basic form. 
Not only is the sculpture important but the negative space each piece creates.

Untitled // Jim Hodges
The artist, Hodges, chose these specific boulders from many, 
each one weighing eight to thirteen tons 

The Spinner // Alexander Calder
The second piece of Calder's to be a part of this sculpture garden.
This piece being an example of his mobile works.

Deborah Butterfield // Woodrow (horse)

Woodrow was Butterfield's first outdoor sculpture.

Black Vessel for a Saint // Theaster Gates

The patron saint of libraries is found inside.  This piece was salvaged from an old church in the artist's home of Chicago.

By the way, I really enjoy following Theaster Gates here:

Windchime (after "dream") // Pierre Huyghe

For Whom // Kris Martin

Hahn/Cock // Katharina Fritsch
Animals (of bold color and scale) are a common subject for this artist.

LOVE // Robert Indiana

Spoonbridge and Cherry // Claes Oldenburg and (his wife) Cooje Van Bruggen

Sky Pecsher // James Turrel

We saved James Turrel for the FINALE.  When sitting within the structure of this piece, we didn't talk at all.  We sat in silence.  Some of the children continued to work in their sketchbooks.
When we exited the ramp, several children exclaimed simultaneously, "Wasn't THAT fun?!!"
I wish I had THAT on video...

Speaking of video, view a video slideshow of our time together here:

View the written tour of last year's (you may find 
a more detailed description for some of the works above)
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Workshop here:

For October classes and workshops, view this link:

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