2017 MEA workshops (archives)

During our lessons on Thursday, we cut out leaf shapes, implemented creative note taking, and painted abstract leaf paintings.  

Not only did we learn to identify elm, maple, oak and ginkgo leaves but we also learned how to categorize them.  I had a secret wish that the students would apply this new knowledge on our walk to Mia in the afternoon and it came true!  The children were looking at all of the trees differently, picking up leaves and asking each other whether the leaves were simple, compound, simple opposite or alternate, smooth, toothed, lobed or both! 

Yoga classes with Marnie Bounds are full of creative play (view a video HERE)
and movement that continually crosses the mid-line with a practice of moving in directions that are also non dominant.  Her classes provide tools for everyone that work as alternative methods for coping with daily challenges.  On Thursday, the children practiced taking a moment to themselves to honor "kind thoughts, kind words, kind actions."  

At Mia we visited Maple Viewing Party, an 18th century Japanese piece honoring a long standing tradition of fall in the Japanese culture.  

On Friday, we spilled ink on paper before taking an early trek to Mia to see the exhibit, Boundless Peaks by Japanese artist, Minol Araki.  When looking at Araki's work, we discussed what parts of his work looked spilled and what parts looked like details.  The children noted some of these details in their sketchbooks.  When we returned to the classroom, students added their own details to their spilled ink paintings.  


2017 Sunday afternoon classes have filled.
I do have one more seat on Sunday, November 12 from 1:30 - 4:30 for the Invisible Bucket class.

If you are interested in having your child attend a one or two day workshop, similar to MEA workshops, I am offering more during school closures on Thursday and Friday, November 2 and 3.
See more information HERE.

I JUST NOTICED I basically scheduled the Glam Doll Donut Class on a holiday weekend.  Please note that I am moving this class to Saturday, December 16 from 1 - 5pm.

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